Wish it So

At 9 months

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Carrigan at 9 months

Weight:  18lbs and 8 ounces = 39%

Head circumference: 45CM = 75% <—— woah, big head!  Is it all the air from the compliments or your large brain?!

Height:  27 1/2 inches = 50%

Questions I asked the doctor:

Q.  Why doe she slap me and family or close friends in the face?  Is this part of the development process?

A.  No, this is not part of the development process per se.  Most likely she received a response (Hell, yeah, I got mad and sometimes I laugh…) and now she is looking for that same response.  Just gently guide her away from doing it.

Q.  Is it normal that she likes to attempt to walk more VS. Crawling

A.  Children normally pick the one that comes the easiest.  developmentally this is fine and she is old (ya old fart!) enough where this won’t affect her hip development (Never even crossed my mind, doc!)

Q.  Is this inconsistent sleep pattern OK?  I mean, she used to be a better sleeper before we went cribless in Miami (Shirtless wasn’t an option.. this ain’t girls gone wild!)

A.  Small things like that can really throw children off at this stage.  It’s obvious that she can sleep through the night since she’s done so before.  You just have to make sure you have a pattern and don’t always allow her to sleep in your bed (Yes, when Carrigan is pitching a unconsolable fit at 1am we give in – SUE US)

We were given “9 month and growing” paperwork which I love.  I don’t know if every doctors office does this but I find it so helpful.  Their tips are really great and answer a lot of questions I have about her age group and the coming months.  If anyone ever wants info .. I’d be happy to request it!

She finished her HEP shots and the next appointment is at 1 year!  OMG – ONE YEAR!  The next appointment involves blood work though.. not just little shots.  I hope her daddy takes time off for this one.  Because I am afraid of getting my blood taken so I’m planning on being a total mess.


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