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Call me Foods ‘R’ Us or err, Foods ‘R’ Me?


I kind of love making Carrigan’s food.  I also love that she’s starting to realize when I’m making it!   She was running low on fruits and veggies so I made her:

Applesauce w/a hint of cinnamon

  • Dice up one apple
  • Toss in Cinnamon into water (enough for slight flavor but not to overpower – it’s for a baby guys!)
  • Boil until apples are tender
  • Blend together in food processor/grinder

Blueberry and Apple Puree

  • Steam 20-35 blueberries until visibly juicy
  • Toss in a couple of the boiled cinnamon apple slices
  • Blend together in food processor/grinder
Yellow and Orange Pepper Puree
  • Slice up peppers
  • Toss in steamer
  • Steam until tender
  • Blend together in food processor/grinder
Recently Carrigan also had her first meat product; Chicken!  
Boiled Chicken:
  • One whole chicken breast
  • 3-4 Green beans
  • 3-4 yellow, orange and red peppers
  • Bring water to boil; stir a few times throughout
  • Boil chicken until completely cooked (Don’t get fancy with baby’s meat!)
  • 1/2 of chicken breast; blend alone with a little of the flavored broth
  • 1/2 of chicken breast; blend with green beans and peppers
Most of what I make for Carrigan is trial and error.  I don’t usually follow a recipe because by now I know what my daughter likes.  She likes her blueberries.  She likes her apples.  VOILA.  Magic! 🙂  But if you want good recipes, parents.com and babycenter.com have some pretty simple ones to try!
    Just a tip, taste the food you are making for your child!  Especially if you’re not following a recipe.  You want to make sure you aren’t giving your child something you yourself find disgusting or something that might be too “spicy” for them.
      If you’re considering making your own foods I would highly recommend it!  Not only is it rewarding emotionally but it is also rewarding financially.  It doesn’t cost much to buy fresh produce (which you’re most likely buying for yourself anyway) and “blend it up”.  I love knowing that I’m doing something good for Carrigan and it’s saving me some moolah too!
        Don’t buy into all the baby propaganda!  You do not need a $100 dollar blender or a $40 dollar freezing tray!  I bought a$17.00 food processor/grinder from a local store along with a $4.00 ice cube tray that came with a cover!  As far as steaming I just have a little metal insert – nothing fancy.  I bought all of these items locally at Wilson’s!  They really do have great markdowns, especially kitchen items.
          It’s worth noting that Adam gave the Blueberry Apple Puree a shot when he was feeding Carrigan and loved it so much he asked me to make a larger batch, for us! 🙂 and I totally loved the chicken I made for Carrigan!  
            OH YEAH, She loved it too 😉

            2 thoughts on “Call me Foods ‘R’ Us or err, Foods ‘R’ Me?

            1. Also, it’s worth noting (I refuse to edit this thing while it’s having insert problems) that I did try the “jar” food when we went to Miami because we forgot pretty much all of the proper tools to make her food. They were super ‘spensive and had a lot additives. She seemed to do OK but the food didn’t even taste “real” to me. Of course, I TRIED IT! 🙂

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