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Things we want done/Want to do to the house:

Downstairs Bathroom/Laundry Room

Replace ugly laminate walls with a nice clean white Beadboard

Stack Washer and Dryer to maximize space

Move current shelving system where flatscreen resides into bathroom (after painting a vibrant BLUE)

Make homemade Art with blues and greens to hang on wall above relocated shelving

Replace flooring to match rest of house (that’s like 100 years down the road)

Replace shower head so that it’s movable

Upstairs Bathroom:

(Eventually this will be the kids bathroom so we have to think ahead…)

Rip up and replace flooring with a tile

Install radiant heating and remove old radiatior

Replace shower with either a generic shower and wall combo or a nice deep tub with tile sorround

Replace vanity to be a nice LARGE non-apartment sized vanity

Put up a mirror

Replace toilet

Update shelving system or move it depending on where we land on bathtub wise

Put up two chalkboard wall sections or too small chalkboards for future notes for kids (such as “Always wash your hands, don’t forget to brush (your teeth and hair) and don’t forget to floss! – LOVEALWAYSMOM” and “Listen to your Mother – Dad”)

Replace Shower Head with something movable

Little sun-room off of our Bedroom:

(Eventually the kids will share this space as their “reading nook” as it connects to two bedrooms)

Finish the walls instead of leaving them Cedar

Add a nice rug

Update shelving system/make them built-in’s

Replace Windows (Immediate future)

Carrigan’s Room:

(Eventually this space will either be a shared playroom or the second child’s room)

Replace Windows (Immediate future)

Replace lighting/Fan

Put up at least two more electrical outlet (currently only has ONE)

Master Bedroom:

(Eventually this will be either a shared bedroom or Carrigan’s bedroom)

Refinish or Replace Flooring (way down the line)

Replace the middle window (there are three)

Change out lighting (Maybe a light/fan combo since we don’t plan on springing for A/C)

More electrical outlets are a possibility (Currently they are a placed in odd places)

Guest Bedroom:

Replace the lighting

Add a Screen to one of the windows

Add doors that last owners took down for closet (currently in our attic..)

More electrical outlets


(Eventually this will be our master bedroom with en suite bathroom)

Install Electrical (I believe there is some already up there)

Install Plumbing

Radiant flooring throughout is a thought I’m tossing out there

Put up Flooring and Walls (It’s already well insulated up there)

Possibly put up a skylight or two?  (Currently has two great windows!)

Put handrail on already installed stairs (We got really lucky with our attic – we won’t need to move any doors or install any stairs)


Paint existing Cabinetry; bottom cabinets may be going a very light brown and top cabinets will be a white with a little of the brown peeking through

Install Granite Countertops in Blanco Romano by Stonemark (name brand may change and color variation may change)

Replace backsplash with something nice and clean but not too trendy (so as not to look outdated in the future)

Replace lighting (ours is workable but I’m not jiving with it)

Change out one of the cans for the recessed lighting from GOLD to silver

Remove the post that is attached to breakfast bar (as long as it’s not needed for structure it will add just a LITTLE more space)

Replace stove

Paint hood or replace it

Change out sink for deeper undermount

Get a fancy faucet (Delta touch 2o?)

Consider replacing the garden window (currently on windy days it sounds like a bunch of air is coming through and it was breezy this past winter!)

Dining Room:

Consider painting door frame

Consider replacing radiatior so it’s not a big focal point

Living Room:

Replace Windows

Consider Painting Entry Way trim to match existing white trim work

Consider Replacing Radiator so it’s not such a big focal point

Custom built-in cabinetry where flatscreen currently resides

Consider having the electrical where flatscreen is put behind/in the wall (someone suggested this and I thought it was pretty neat)



Find out what is wrong with sewage system and what we can do to fix it permanently; FIX IT

Finish the waterproofing job (around 5k so not something to be done right away but it really is the 1st step in finishing basement)


Plumb it for a half bath

Put enough Electrical to fit Adam’s electrical needs

Update any of the windows if needed

Make sure side entrance to it is 100 percent usable so I never have to see the men in the man cave 🙂


Replace or Fix any doors in the house

Paint or replace siding and trim

Fix front deck/repaint

Fix railing on back deck (one side isn’t actually made out of wood??)

Remove previous owner’s dish

Replace old thermostat w/digital one (which we bought but haven’t done anything with)

Stain current railing for front deck

If you actually GOT through that list you’re probably wondering if we’re crazy.  We have a nice house.  But it’s an OLD house that doesn’t have all the functionality that we would like.  Anything that we can reasonably do ourselves, we will.  Anything we do I’ll do my best to document thoroughly and post on here with all my other grumbles!  I think our first project will be the downstairs bathroom because that will be the easiest to remedy.

Let me know if you can think of anything that will help in this process!  Would love the feedback.


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