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Carrigan is down for her first nap of the day and I’m struggling to make myself a productive member of this household.  At least I am today.  I know that sweeping, vacuuming, general kitchen clean up and making the bed are easy things I can do.  But the guest bedroom is screaming out for some TLC.  Especially since in just over a week it will have an 8-month guest!

Can you really call it a guest if the person is there that long?  Things to think about.  That “guest” is Gloria!  Yes, my sister.  She starts at Brio in August for their 8-month program.  She’s finally going after something she’s been wanting to do.  I’m so proud of you Glors!  It seems to be running in the family as I am going to GCC this fall in order to get my human services degree which will then make me eligible to get my certification for grief counseling through the American Academy of Grief Counseling.  It also sounds like Carmen is interested in making a major career change to be a Doula!  Carmen is a graduate from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  She majored in International Relations and Political Science.  Do you see why I say major career change??

Of course, I can’t forget my wonderful husband Adam!  Who has been enrolled at GCC since last fall.  I believe he hopes to transfer to the Isenberg  School of Management at UMASS.  He currently works in a business setting but it would be nice for him to have a degree as a back-up.  He has a really great job that he loves so it would suck if something happened and he wasn’t able to go into that general field because of a lack of education.  He was really lucky that Don was willing to give him a shot.  We were really lucky.

I remember watching MTV Cribs at one point and during the intro you can hear “This is the house that Sandler built” and sometimes I very much feel “This is the house that Don built”.  He’s given Adam some big opportunities and we’re very thankful.

We’re also doing this because in February of 2010 we found out were expecting a baby.  That sort of thing really shakes you up!  You start questioning everything.  The one big one for us was setting a good example.  Because, how can we tell our child that furthering your education is important if neither of us did?  Especially since I was at a job that definitely wasn’t a career and definitely wasn’t something I cared about.  How could I tell her “It doesn’t matter how much you make as long as you love what you do”.  Which is something my dad used to tell me, in spanish.  🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that other parents out there without college educations can’t encourage their children to go to college.  I mean, look at us, our mom took some college courses but never got a degree and my father didn’t go to college either!  I’m just saying that we want to set very specific examples for Carrigan and we want to know that we’re doing our best for her in our own way.

We’ve made a lot of big time changes since we found out were having our awesome little girl.  Girly, I’m going to write them all down and then when you aren’t doing something I like, I’m going to use all the guilt power my momma gave me and I’m gonna use it on you!  LOVEALWAYSMOM.


One thought on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaange

  1. I appreciate what you have written especially your commitment to change, advancement, education, creating your own opportunity and thinking about the future of you and your family. I absolutely agree.
    I also agree that your husband is a great man and frankly i am lucky to have him working here with us. I applaud his effort and sacrifice to gain higher education and will support his effort. He is a true warrior working for his family and willing to go the extra yard and sacrifice whatever it takes to enrich his family.

    This is the real stuff. Good work, great blog, keep it up, keep giving, it will come back to you ten fold.

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