Wish it So

I guess it’s a Gleason thing

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As some of you may know, Carrigan is in a slapping people in the face stage.  It can be funny but mostly it’s just irritating and impolite.  I know, she’s 9 months old.  Give me a break, I was a kid, I know that some behavior if gone uncorrected can continue as the child gets older.  I’m not having a kid who slaps people in the face and then have to say, “I’m sorry, It’s just a thing she does”.  No.  Not ok NOW and not OK in the future.  Plus, I grew up with my face being my “personal space” and I think she should too.

Anyhoo – I was emailing my sister-in-law who currently resides in Japan with her awesome husband Michael (extra credit?) and I decided to attach a photo of my little angel slapping the crap out of her Aunt Gloria’s face.  How sweet.  You also have to know that my brother-in-law Ronnie and his beautiful wife Jess (oh yeah, I’m earning those points) are currently visiting them.

So, I sent my email to Japan and Japan Bethann responded with the following:

“What’s wrong with that?  Let me know when she starts biting!!!” and this lovely gem was attached:


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