Wish it So

I’ll trade you one thousand kisses

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Yesterday morning I took you for a walk.  You fell asleep and just as I put you down you woke up.  Maybe it was because I can’t quite reach into your crib and I might have dropped you in.. maybe.  It doesn’t matter though.  It makes no difference to me that you didn’t go right down for nap time.  As soon as your chubby little cheeks touched mine I felt like 1000 butterflies flew out of my chest and my heart couldn’t hold in any more feeling.

I love you so much little girl. More than words can really describe.

Today you made me laugh at your sillyness.  Daddy taught you a new trick but you can’t seem to get the fact that if you push yourself off the couch really fast.. you’ll also fall really fast.  You can’t walk yet lovey.   What makes you think you can fly?  Don’t get me wrong .. if you think you can fly then I think you can fly too.  But, can we be safe about it?  You know.. until you get that flying thing down 😉

Today I also experienced a great anxiety.  Mommy didn’t mean to poke you in the eye with the pointy part of your sunscreen tube.  I was just trying to get it out of your little hands so I could properly apply.  You know, so you don’t turn into a crispy critter.  So I can lower your chances of that dreaded melanoma.  I was given the task to take care of you for the rest of my life.  So, will you forgive me this one time?  Since I’m doing all those other nice things for you…

I love you beautiful smart angel baby… I can’t wait for tomorrow.


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