Wish it So

A lil’ quickie


This week was a totally much needed FAMILY week.  Adam works a 9a-5p job and my shifts are in the evenings and weekends.  It’s what makes the most sense for our family.  It’s a way for me to be a mostly stay at home mom and not have to worry about cost of daycare yet still make a contribution to the family.  But it’s hard on a marriage.  I mean, I’m wide awake at 10pm after my shift and Adam is sleepy and usually ends up falling asleep on the couch trying to spend time with me.  Anyhoo, we spent A LOT of family time together and managed to squeeze that date in.

Now he’s back to work and of course I miss him but I’m glad to have that special mommy and Carrigan time back.  Girl loves her daddy.  If she were to pick who she could hang with all day I’m pretty sure it would be daddy.  Until the novelty wore off at least.

This morning she started crying when Adam walked out of the room.  So I’m going to have a long day ahead of me with a little girl who is going to be missing her daddy mucho mucho.  Not only that but I can spot at least six house chores I can do today.  The big question is whether or not I’m going to do them.

That’ll be a surprise for you honey….


2 thoughts on “A lil’ quickie

  1. What is more of a surprise is wether or not I will do the ones left over when I get home 😛

    • spoiler alert… I made the bed, picked up cups from the bedroom/guestroom, loaded the dishwasher (after unloading it the 1st time) and cleaned countertops. That really doesn’t seem like a lot…but I think I did more than that. I just can’t remember. Yeah… xoxo

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