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Can I get a new eyeball?

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New Moms, Not-so-new Moms, Soon to be Moms…  Listen to your bodies.  If you’re tired and you have the luxury of napping with your child/at the same time as your child.. do it.  I may not practice what I preach but lordie I wish I did.  My right eyeball is in SO much pain right now.  I’m 100 percent sure it is due to the fact that I ignored my exhaustion all day today and fought myself in order to stay awake.

I’m really kicking myself.  Frankly, I wish I were asleep right now.  But I had a coffee at 4pm and my second wind somewhere between 8:45pm and NOW.

On a high note, my wonderfully beautiful and awesomely smart baby was pretty fantastic today.  Despite the three walks I took her on today I don’t have much to complain about.  She was so FUN.  Apparently she continued her good spirits well into the time her daddy got home.  Yes, she finally got to meet her real father! Adam had as much fun with her today as I usually do!!  Usually she’s a crankmonster on weekdays because she is hungry as soon as he walks in the door or super tired.

She gave me THREE kisses today without me trying to coax them out of her.  She just planted three sweet, saliva-y juicy AMAZING kisses on my right cheek.  Then during my “break” from work I got several more kisses that were just as amazing but were obtained by sheer will and determination on my part.  Girl does not give up kisses easily.  Which bodes well for my future as her mother and for Adam’s future as an overly worried/knife wielding/gun carrying/porch sitting father.

She also tried walking!  Yes, my super smart baby tried walking.  What’s not so smart though.. is that she seemed to have forgotten that she does not hold herself up yet.  This could’ve been bad.  However, I’m quick like ninja and was able to grab her little arms before she totally broke her face.

All those times that I get frustrated with the lack of adult interaction in my life feel so stupid when I get to watch my child feel brave enough to try walking!

You are definitely my I love you.


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