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When zombies walk baby zombies

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This exhaustion is so REAL.  I can feel it down to my very core.  I want to take a nap but like Carrigan I fight against sleep…and I wonder where she gets it from!  I fought sleep when I was pregnant too.  At night I would watch endless hours of 24.  Maybe that’s the problem.  Great.

So, I took Carrigan on her first walk just before 9am.  As I stepped out onto our back deck I realized I wasn’t wearing any shoes.  That’s how tired I am.  We got back approximately 20 minutes later.  She was fast asleep.. until I picked her up.  Then she was all “Hey, Hey, Hey world… I’m ready to rock this!”  Yet her little fists kept heading towards her eyeballs where she proceeded to rub them.  Hmm.. suspicious behavior for a baby who isn’t sleepy.

I changed her diaper, I attempted to give her a bottle, I very sternly told her if she wasn’t going to play by the rules she wasn’t going to get me to entertain her.  She was going to have to play with her blocks by herself while I attempted to drink my disgusting coffee.  That didn’t work.  She’s too darn adorable to just leave hanging like that.

Fast Forward 40 minutes.. Walk number two.  Twenty minutes in.. girl is still awake.  Thanks Mr. Man mowing your lawn.  The grass smelled great but the noise and the brightly colored sox shirt didn’t help.  Carrigan thinks she can read so she attempts to read any clothing with letters on it.  She does this with signs too.  20 minutes later she was asleep.  THANK YOU for falling asleep before we got to the adorable puppy being walked.

The next ten minutes were spent with me attempting to get her out of the stroller without waking her up too much.  One panic minute where I thought SHIT.. she’s awake!  Then.. sweet she’s not! 🙂

I love my girly but I’ve accomplished nothing in this house today.  I’m not in a big rush to do any house chores since Adam was a tremendous help to me this morning and cleaned up a lot before he left.  Basically, I’d like to make our bed, sweep the stairs, unload the dishwasher and possibly do laundry.  Really not that much. Oh, i’d like to eat.  I always forget that one!

I failed to mention that during this entire second walk I was convinced someone had learned my route and was following me.  I kept looking back and trying to figure out if I should attempt to lose them.  At one point I even thought “How am I going to fend off this attacker if I’m half asleep myself?”  That’s when I came to the realization that I was wearing a tank-top that usually is sold in stores for SLEEPWEAR, Dark wash jeans, super ratty sandals, did I brush my hair?, My bra couldn’t be more awkward fitting, I haven’t moisturized in like 8 months and.. when wast the last time I clipped my toenails?  Nope, nobody was following me.


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