Wish it So

Wish it So. Make it So.


My first post!!!  I used to blog on myspace when myspace was the “it” thing.  But I also had more time then.  So, I’ll do my best at keepin’ up.  This blog is going to be about keeping it real.  Which will be referred to as “Keeping it Caban” from here forward.  I grew up with two VERY honest parents.  But their way of honesty was pretty different from one another.  My mom was blunt.  She didn’t really “french it up” for people.  My dad was much more gentle in his honesty.  He’d try to make light of a situation but then would be like, but seriously, this is what I think.  You dig?

I’d love to say I inherited my dad’s sense of honesty.  I usually just say something and think “Well, if there was an award for top jack ass..” but I’m learning how to be a more refined honest.  It’s definitely a learned skill.  For the record, I’m not going to sit here and spew rude things about people or specific topics.  I’m going to post things I read and what I think about them and I’m going to post my daily ups and downs.

OH OH OH OH (Imagine me jumping up and down trying to get your attention)

And my blog title is “Wish it So.  Make it So” because I’m firmly starting to believe that your life is what you make it.  So instead of complaining.. try to find what makes you happy.  Explore those things.  If they don’t make you happy.  Check it off.. move on to the next thing on your list!




3 thoughts on “Wish it So. Make it So.

  1. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful thing. I cannot wait to read more.

  2. Love it! I’m totally gonna follow. Will there be Carrigan pix?

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